two-dimensional code hot once again let people turning to the O2O market, while WeChat and caifutong vigorously promote the popularity of two-dimensional code, when WeChat membership card online landing, when the Alipay and Juhuasuan reached a cooperation, all is drawing a beautiful blueprint: domestic and entertainment, tourism and leisure, health and other local the field of life services is opening a billion middleweight market.

numerous investors and entrepreneurs to cheer for O2O. Data show that from 2010 to November 2011 a total of 64 O2O companies to get the favor of venture capital investment, the first 11 months of 2011, O2O market investment of nearly $7 billion. In addition, in 2011 China’s O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, is expected in 2012 will reach $98 billion 680 million, an increase of 75.5%.

Jingwei venture partner

million ho commented: in the O2O huge market scale, even if only occupies 1% market share, or 1/1000, are likely to become a listed company. Innovation workshop chairman Li Kaifu also said: O2O let electricity supplier website into a new stage, O2O is the focus of innovation in the field of industrial investment.

O2O is the influx of entrepreneurs, like preparing a big. However, when the dream is confronted with the reality, when the Internet and offline touch, O2O from ideal to reality the plump skinny. Responsible for WeChat membership card business Tencent life service electricity supplier Department Deputy General Manager Dai Zhikang said publicly, O2O let his anxiety and pain.

actually, although O2O has broad prospects, but there are 3 major problems: 1, online and offline docking of information asymmetry problems and transaction risk; 2, user habits is a more critical factor; 3, mobile payment problems restricting the development of O2O. Overall, the main difficulty is to promote the progress of the O2O or from the degree of business information and acceptance of O2O. Among them, the mobile payment is most likely to become a breakthrough O2O.

let entrepreneurs anxiety and pain O2O

The rapid development of

mobile Internet to connect online and offline has never been as close as today. "Local" into the Internet, especially the most important mobile Internet to the next station, new O2O let all Internet Co look at fiercely as a tiger does. However, even with a huge user base WeChat O2O is not easy to do.

Tencent science and technology reporter had worked with Dai Zhikang, deputy general manager of Tencent life service electricity supplier WeChat experience O2O services. The reporter and Dai Zhikang into a famous Beijing restaurant for dinner, the two sides sat down, Dai Zhikang took out his mobile phone to see the waiter waitress coupons, can read the initial page, look at the detailed contents of the preferential price has been full of doubts, about 5 minutes to figure out what is going on.

until the use of coupons for checkout, the waiter took the phone to check the coupon information in the past. >