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Internet in 2013 (from NetEase, carp pictures)


someone might say that such a big tone, the title of the party.

yes, I think, if I don’t write, few people will write; understand the people was not much, and most are hidden, so willing to share, is scanty, ability of summarizing text may not be better than me.

of course, certainly some people will say, you this is nonsense, and so on, whatever smatter.

1, the composition of China’s Internet

before Feng Dahui concluded, China Internet is divided into three levels: the first level is the media on the Internet, it is easy to identify and understand the public Internet; the second level is the grassroots Internet, which is part of China Internet giant, but rarely appear in public before; the third level is the dark Internet, in fact it has been that is very great, very horrible, so often because some omissions caused a nationwide event, people can see the tip of the iceberg.

is the first media, on the Internet, the main idea is to cover as many users as possible, for fear that others do not know yourself; make a conference to give reporters a traffic jam Maffei, various kinds of soft overwhelming public relations.

second, many years ago, I have been thinking that they do not have the media resources, so neglected; and then these people contact more, understand, in fact, many grassroots Internet, is afraid of being afraid of the media, and elite counterparts to understand, the reason is very simple, they are very worried, if a giant understand their business, understand their user acquisition, I am afraid very soon, they will lose all zero; remember the happy net rash and too much in haste? All kinds of people to the decline of happy net to find countless reasons, I only present a simple fact, QQ farm time line, is happy net from the gloom the turning point of failure.

grassroots Internet, stronger than the survival of the giants look down on the environment, and rely on the development of a particular audience, their thinking is that I take good care of my users will have the elite do not know.

of course, after expanding grassroots Internet often into the media, on the Internet, such as the recent listing of forgame, the number of media, many media people began to wake up, crazy makeup, this company where come out


model of the Internet grassroots, hao123 before 2004 4399; before 2012, various local communities such as long lane, West Lake fish communities; 8684 9158 public inquiries, etc..

actually, in 2002>