[Abstract] Foxconn to complete the layout of the two major business: investment B2B vertical electricity supplier to buy plastic mesh line; $3 billion 500 million acquisition of SHARP holdings.

reporter Wang Zhiling Shenzhen reported

Foxconn in the transformation of the road resolutely. At the end of March, Foxconn has completed two business investment layout: B2B vertical electricity supplier to buy plastic net line; $3 billion 500 million acquisition of SHARP holdings.

buy the plastic net is Foxconn technology group to "work – technology -e trade ‘strategic transformation of the pilot, the first outside the system of equity investment, independent operation mode, neither by the interests of the group and the Foxconn center, integration of resources." Buy plastic network president CEO Ni Weifeng said.

Prior to the establishment of

to buy plastic mesh, Ni Weifeng in the central purchasing department of Foxconn group has 15 years experience in plastic procurement. Prior to the establishment of a number of Foxconn electricity supplier platform, buy plastic network access to Foxconn Technology Group’s industrial resources, but also a joint venture capital investment group.

seems to Ni Weifeng, Foxconn’s transformation of the road is a few years ago from the business extension and layout stage rose to the institutional breakthrough, the cultural reconstruction of the broken stage.

buy plastic net pilot

according to Ni Weifeng to buy Plastic online line recommended will be introduced, buy plastic net third party plastic trading business platform, initiated by the Foxconn group and the establishment of investment.

in order to buy plastic net from the Foxconn management system, set up a special Shenzhen River Agel Ecommerce Ltd, registered in September 2015. By the central purchasing department of Foxconn group is responsible for plastic products, as Ni Weifeng to buy plastic mesh CEO, but team from Foxconn to buy plastic network in the core team accounted for only about half of the number.

the rest of the core members are from the first round of investment in China merchants. In 2015, served as the general manager of the Tencent, Tencent cloud instant communication department manager Ji Shunyou from Tencent, the chairman of China Merchants single Xiangshuang support founded in Konami, in a full participation in buy Konami plastic net project, Ji Shunyou buy plastic net as chairman.

In the choice of a

"Konami River electricity supplier, investment to buy plastic net, I not only transferred the backbone of the staff participate in depth, more to himself all and directly served as chairman of item company." On twenty-first Century Ji Shunyou Economic Herald reporter said, "in a Konami while providing human resources and capital in the project will be dedicated to play, plus the traditional enterprise" Internet plus "."

currently has more than 80 traders buy plastic nets, more than and 130 line outlets, to support more than 500 kinds of plastic grades, covering more than 3000 customers have terminal, including Guangzhou, Guangzhou, the construction of plastic and other 18 quality suppliers.

in accordance with the plan, to buy plastic mesh through the efficient operation of the Internet, the integration of industry quality resources, aggregation of a large number of Internet management, research and development, operational personnel, buy plastic mesh for the upstream