Changemakrs website on Jobs’s famous

              a few months ago, former Facebook employee Toni (Sacha Tueni) Sacha and Matthias Wagner (Matthias Wagner) is developing a Twitter client. Yes, Twitter client, although a few years later than Tweetdeck. The client named Zerobird, can filter some very interesting content, but did not get the favor of investors.

"in innovation, sometimes it will inevitably make mistakes. At this point, you should admit the mistake as soon as possible, and then continue to improve other innovation." This is apple co-founder Steve • (Steve Jobs).

Toni and Wagner listened to the advice of Mr. Jobs and created a website to collect famous sayings. They will initially be a photograph of Jobs in the photo on the page background, and then with his the true saying.

did not expect the page to spread quickly, within 48 hours to win a 3 million page access (PV). So they began to collect famous sayings from other celebrities. Yoda page won 300 thousand visitors, Einstein page access to the 400 thousand visitors, Lady Gaga won a total of 700 thousand visitors, of which 16% click on her songs link.

this site is Changemakrs, the main collection of celebrities, intellectuals, and even entrepreneurs inspirational quotes. The site is currently in the testing phase, the invitation system.

this is a relatively simple idea, and there are already a lot of celebrity famous websites. But Toni said, Changemakrs somewhat similar to Craigslist or eBay, do not pay attention to sociability.

for a brand, Changemakrs creativity can attract advertisers, because these celebrities and famous positive, inspirational role. For example, Red Bull has been put on the Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) page advertising.

of course, Changemakrs is also facing some problems. Currently, Changemakrs only in a few cases to prove their own, whether the model can be widely accepted in addition to celebrities, ordinary people have the opportunity to be included?.

Changemakrs is currently taking a step-by-step strategy, the company currently has 4 employees, recently for a designer Bruce Hask (Brook>