December 23rd news, SARFT recently introduced a series of measures to punish illegal audio visual website and remediation actions, including BTChina, including a number of unlicensed audiovisual website was closed. The latest renovation results show that 87 unlicensed audio-visual program service website was shut down.


IT found that the regulation object main point of the free online movie website on the Internet, which means that the last piece of free movie viewing position formally occupied, free movie station will be moved to other areas.

recently by the anti vice storm affected tens of thousands of individuals, the site was closed. In the case of Anhui, officially launched the website white list system in Anhui IDC room the day before, is expected to tens of thousands of small owners face unemployment.

Sohu IT learned from the source, a series of remediation action will continue, the next will be for the proliferation of pirated small game sites, such as the removal of yellow pictures website.

small movie stations, games, pictures, navigation station station station production cost is very low, many owners will choose a number of websites for making money, the individual website is how to manage and how to make a living, IT from a Sohu in the webmaster recently "wash" was informed of some unknown survival and business ecosystem.

the following is a free movie station master after the news was exclusively for the Sohu IT channel readme article.

today (editor’s note, that the 22 day) happy days in apprehension finally saw the SARFT issued a new round of renovation of audiovisual website results, this object is a small movie site, dozens of small movie site I know are in the closed list.

I am happy, because I was in the last week took the initiative to close the station of a film I do, so I pleased with oneself for a long time. Who said that the individual owners do not have political sensitivity, huh, huh. The initiative to shut down to prove that we are not bad quality, passive closing that other people are not aware of the seriousness of the problem.

well, we talk about these small webmaster and a way of earning money to make money.

is very convenient to do now, the cost is very low, and easy to money. In our view is a good thing once and for all. After basically station, in addition to the daily use of a content acquisition, not to spend time to maintain the basic, you can sit and money. High end people may not understand how webmasters and how to survive, below I step by step to illustrate, you can have a deeper understanding of the industry.

one, choose to do the direction of the station and do station program

choose what direction you decide to spend the time and site can estimate the flow and income. This is critical. At first I selected several directions movie station, navigation station, picture station, health station, station game, but because I am not a full-time do personal webmaster, so I need to consider the cost of maintenance, so the initial selected movie station and picture station.