called the black chain, that is hidden behind the regular web site, ordinary users can not see, but it is the weight of the search engine to calculate the chain. Black chain on the website of SEO is the cheapest and most effective way, while Baidu is continuously changing search algorithm, but the black chain is long, because the effect is really can see. Technical personnel engaged in black chain business is of course that is lost in the Internet industry of hackers, but it can’t get them to think so profound, many amateurs can also do it, but no lack of tools, guide, or dare to try. For a long time, I also want to become a hacker, hey… That’s all。


to speak a little bit of experience, the author has access to the Internet for more than a decade, the beginning is what industry website, station, local station, station, station station, edge, the most successful is actually a ghost story website ah, but Adsense really hard, it is difficult to earn money, most of the time even earn money. Fortunately, brother is a part-time job, so there is no special pressure. Brother to try a lot of fields, has done a lot of change, can only say okay, earn money to eke out a website run. For me to enter the Internet, no team no resources, no connections and no qualifications, in fact, there is no more choice of channels. Speaking of making money is nothing more than a few common ways, the most direct and the most simple is the growth of IP through the alliance to make money advertising. Start is put Google’s advertising alliance, then put Baidu advertising, then Ali Mama, no matter what all is to earn a little money, but often face such as the site was attacked, be right down, the problem may occur at any server data loss etc.. In this process, brother noticed, some websites have been linked to some of the hidden links, there are dozens of similar Links chain be batch hang on the web; some is rather baffling adds a folder, the folder is illegal page.

sometimes, brother don’t understand, why to attack the small website, also not much traffic, strenuous attack can earn some money! Then by chance, I was exposed to the attacker, " " through several chat, finally understand the " the black chain market " underground industry chain;.


" black chain chain " the top is the illegal website owner, these sites have very strong allure, the sale of the product or service is a normal market not allowed, are illegal or prohibit the sale of products. Such a product would like to get traffic through a formal way is unlikely, the first search engine will drop right on this site, not included or rarely included. Second, the advertising alliance did not dare to receive such advertising, although the heart would like to earn the money of these advertisers, but the company was afraid of being >