, the world’s largest domain name registrar GoDaddy, announced in March 24th that it no longer provides users with online registration of.CN domain names so far. Said China will withdraw from the market, but in fact the other including.COM and other international domain name registration, virtual host, electronic mail, SSL certificate and other business in China were not affected, also is to say there is no evacuation China intention, is most likely the opportunity to hype.

followed, of course, the media to their subjective, to some extent, help GoDaddy hype a. Today, IDC review network and we together to explore the GoDaddy domain name registration changes in March.

time to rise and decline in total net growth in the global share of


As can be seen from the table

, GoDaddy reached 33 million 350 thousand in April 5th the total domain, accounted for 30% of the world, in fact, since March 1st, we see the domain name to maintain stable growth, the global share is increasing. Net growth in the week to maintain the 120 thousand domain name revenue, China’s domain name registrar can not match, such as the registration of a good new network, is also a weekly registration of more than 10 thousand.


at the same time, the proportion of its generic top-level domain map,.COM accounted for 73.39% of its total domain name, followed by the.NET domain name is 10.29%.

according to the survey, during January 1, 2010 to January 24, 2010, China’s complaint reporting agencies to accept pornographic websites reported that more than 90% of pornographic websites in the use of.COM,.NET and other domain names. In a total of 285 surveyed more than 70% porn sites, pornographic websites is the domain name registration service provided by the domain name registration company located outside, and by the Godaddy company directly to domestic users for pornographic website ratio as high as 38% of the total reported, ranked in all of the overseas company the first.

, that is to say, GoDaddy is an umbrella 40% pornographic websites, especially a Chinese last year’s anti pornography campaigns, then GoDaddy is timely announced to buy GoDaddy domain name and host by Alipay, and also launched a $0.99 registered.Com domain name promotion price.

visible GoDaddy can occupy a large share of the.COM, and the global porn sites can not be separated from the relationship.