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after launch free Wifi plan, Alipay will fall again in the game a son.

recently, Alipay wallet is the layout of a wildly beating gongs and drums called "Hospital of the future" project.

it is reported that the future hospital plan is actually a mobile Alipay is building a platform for medical treatment. After the launch of the platform, the user can complete the registration, payment, check, take medicine directly in Alipay, and even view the process of examination of reports.

on why Alipay is involved in medical services, the project is responsible for the small micro financial group (chips) O2O division deputy general manager Zhang Jiangang said, mainly to the ability of Alipay is currently owned by the payment account system, big data and cloud computing and other aspects of the "empowerment", help the existing health care system to realize the information and mobile, and ultimately rely on the open platform strategy, open online and offline.

Zhang Jiangang said, Alipay hope that through the Internet and data products and technologies, the use of 5-10 years to change the future of health outlook, to achieve a people-centered health care model.

what is the future hospital?

as everyone knows, traditional treatment processes often wasted queuing for registration and payment process unnecessary time, so patients Voices of discontent. But more frustration.


future hospital program will make these tedious procedure become simple. The future, patients can be completed directly on the online registration, waiting, payment, check inspection reports and other aspects of the doctor-patient interaction. For example, under normal circumstances, patients need outside the consulting room at the doctor station or large screen displays the number, while Alipay after the intervention, patients can be called mobile phone queries, and arrange a visit to the consulting room time according to the real-time call number, save in the consulting room door waiting.

also, when doctors prescribe prescription after the end, patients can pay directly on the Alipay system, without the need to go to the window waiting; when the results came out with the inspection report or report after the diagnosis, the system according to the influence of billion levels of archiving and communication system, push notification, patients can directly view the report in mobile phone terminal, or to automatically print printer and extraction.

patients can be verified by registration in the hospital system, mobile phone number and other personal information, the medical card is bound with Alipay, when it comes to the payment link, can directly use Alipay to pay medical expenses. After the completion of the treatment, patients can also be evaluated for the hospital.

according to Zhang Jiangang, when the first phase of the work is completed. Alipay will further realize the real-time communication between doctors and patients, while on-line High German indoor navigation services directly to the hospital’s comprehensive plans in accordance with the three-dimensional way, patients can be found directly under the navigation guide rapid to check, take medicine, payment and other relevant points.

also revealed that they are currently working with the hospital >