renamed China ( October 3rd hearing, people eagerly look forward to the long National Day holiday is coming, now let’s review in the past month, what are the best domain name transaction. Following the rumors of "national husband Wang Sicong buying the domain name Wanda, Alibaba listed roadshow, Ali, a series of domain names on the occasion of the way scenery, so popular with Jiangsu is very convenient to" Alibaba "domain name scored high.

figure: September wonderful domain name transaction information

The letter

and digital domain name sells goods worth all the way up to

is very convenient in the acquisition of "Alibaba", the domain name, and is very rich in the price of 8 million 400 thousand yuan with 2 digital domain name And Alibaba won the three spell domain name, which also holds the mainstream domain name, so complete protection of the brand, whether to create a new brand

in the digital domain name trading, and founder of Chen Donghong Union and specialty television network ho denounced million, take the best domain name and, a single digital domain like this in the world, a limited number, the value of money, could not be met for scarce resources, Chen Donghong will be the two domain where it remains to be seen.

addition, in pinyin domain name transactions, there are millions of dollars worth of short and clear single spell domain name by the terminal acquisition, Xin is the heart of the phonetic and word collocation, heart love, heart, mind and other words, relates to the field with no restrictions, the value of natural self-evident. The phonetic domain much favor, it is not only easy to remember, it is easy for shaping the corporate brand image and widely favored domestic terminal.

is worth mentioning is that single letter domain L.CN in the global shortest one of the 8 digit price of successful trading, perfect appearance of the domain name L.CN after the "baptism", presumably its value will soar. And 4 months ago only 50 thousand yuan worth of "Internet of things" for the domain name, its value has soared more than 10 times, the high price of 550 thousand yuan successfully changed hands, this spread, it attracted many minon eyes.

This month

Duorenyanqiu domain L.CN domain name trading is very valuable, the world only 26 CN single letter domain name. However, the Pinyin domain name is as usual in the domain name trading market place. Of course, no matter what type of domain name, as long as easy to understand, easy access and memory, are loved by domain name investors.

figure: September domain name enabled information

brand name is called

terminal clap ring!

acquisition and the establishment of domain names is far from simple domain name trading is so simple, the terminal needs to consider a number of factors. Previously, Wanda plans to launch