news June 29th, days before the small intimate support to get 5 million yuan angel investment, the investor is Kai Fu capital.

it is understood that the intimate care is a small 160 incubator project, in October 2015, an independent operation, and the establishment of the city of Shenzhen Xin Technology Co., ltd.. Initially, and the interest of the medical network incubation of small good nurse similar, intimate care is done to accompany small business. Now, from a single small intimate support has been extended to include with the diagnosis of emergency, queue up, take a number of outpatient with the diagnosis, and take reports, hospital care, home care and other one-stop medical auxiliary service.

is the accompanying market, chaos, the lack of standard process. Most workers do not have social security, workers with low cultural level. For users and their families, there is no standardized rating system, some workers through the hospital cleaners, security way customers often only meet the eye everywhere, passive choice, quality of service as can be imagined.

however, whether it is accompanied by treatment or care, intimate care does not want to do too much model. In with the diagnosis, nursing care nurses intimate small full-time with only about 5 or so, with the diagnosis of nurses has hundreds of part-time; in nursing, nursing cooperation small intimate a Shenzhen escort company, the workers are continuing education training center from the Planning Commission’s Shenzhen medicine. We hope to be able to accompany the market, just like didi taxi. The escort will first and a professional escort company to expand the business, the company to access small." Travel, is to accompany small intimate nursing care workers system research and development.

currently about 20 people in the company, in order to complete the A round of financing before the end of the year.