92 years Li Jiaoshou as vice president of Baidu, what?


92 years Li Jiaoshou as vice president of Baidu, what?

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at the end of 2016, Lee called the beast to announce his marketing consulting firm "education technology" was acquired by Baidu to one hundred million valuation in his public number, and they will serve as vice president of Baidu, responsible for Baidu’s marketing and creative work.

this news came out, when the Internet circles and advertising marketing circles are all high tide. A good Baidu is really talented people have not sticking to formalities, on the way Tucao Baidu stupid X more farther; young people are envious of marketing: people and their own age, why people can only own worth tens of millions of thousands of pieces of wages? And those senior marketing people turn out with little angle up: a child is not bragging! He has experience? Lao Tzu do marketing for ten years! He knows what


ha ha ha, acid, true acid.

if you asked me how to look at this thing? I think this thing is great! You asked me this Buzi porcelain porcelain Li Jiaoshou served as vice president of Baidu? Of course I am hereby porcelain! I said this, it is not what irony is not senior black — I really think, to now the general level China marketing industry, Li Jiaoshou as a vice president of Baidu, it is more than sufficient.


, I mean, now most of the marketing people, especially those opinionated "senior" marketing people, market and advertising people, all is not only a spicy chicken, spicy chicken, also do not know where the spicy chicken.

comparison, Li Jiaoshou, although small, some young and frivolous, but on his professional level and IQ, than most of the so-called marketing people do not know where to go higher.

after all, most of the marketing practitioners lack of knowledge of the degree of staggering, the vast majority of people even the essence and significance of marketing is not clear, in their minds, the so-called marketing is not to write the soft Wen, do activities, talk about cooperation. But many people do not think about the logic behind marketing.

a good marketing person needs to have the ability to reserve?

Philip · Kotler’s "marketing management" established a marketing framework, but also for marketing people pointed out to learn the outline, I summarize, is basically the following nine categories:

1 know how to investigate

even marketing science and art, but science is the foundation of marketing, creative insight and all must be built on the basis of the investigation, but now most of the marketing people has neglected this point.

research is a very professional thing, and now the vast majority of people in the so-called marketing survey is actually >