vocabulary set by Sina Technology listed financing Francisco May 17th morning news after the first round of the 520 million new board, vocabulary Technology (Stock Code: 834299, English name "Mobvista") announcement, announced the completion of the first round of 520 million after the listing will increase the financing, the increase in fund-raising 19 new institutions and natural person investors.

according to public disclosure, the current round of financing by the vocabulary of science and technology, Guangzhou Yuexiu mango creative fund industry’s investment fund, Shanghai, Hong asset management fund investment led, public capital, Orient Securities, CITIC Securities, ICBC Credit Suisse investment, investment, platinum tiger Kang min Yi Sheng Investment Fund, North Ruifeng letter, Han Li capital other institutions involved in investment.

amount of technology was established in March 2013, mainly related to mobile digital marketing platform and mobile online games overseas distribution. Was completed in October 2014 by the NetEase and Ashler capital led the $12 million A round of financing investment, and obtain the domestic industry by the Shanghai media group and Hunan radio and television group to participate in the establishment of the fund in July 2015 lead investor, CSC’s investment fund with investment of 200 million yuan B round of financing, investment valuation of super 2 billion yuan. November 16, 2015, the amount of technology landing three new board, becoming the first overseas mobile marketing shares, the market value of nearly 6 billion yuan. In February 29th this year, the amount of technology also announced the acquisition of $25 million price of the global mobile native advertising platform nativeX.

for the current round of strategic planning to increase after the vocabulary technology chairman and CEO Wei said, "after the completion of scheduled increases, the company will further promote the overall strategic goal of internationalization, radiation market of America, Europe and Southeast Asia using capital leverage, downstream integration accelerated from the traffic demand side to the supply side of the industrial chain and further enrich the core business resources reserves include high quality traffic resources, advertisers resources, data resources."

vocabulary technology said, has been established, covering more than and 240 countries and regions worldwide, over 10 billion times the daily show mobile traffic system, and has covered more than 2 billion equipment data and more than 3000 people oriented label user database. Big data and program trading is the future of mobile advertising. After the increase, the company will get more data resources and technical strength through acquisitions or investments in the use of big data continue to invest in R & D resources, optimize automation, precision advertising capabilities." Duan Wei said. (Li Gen)