what kind of musicians and awards best represent this era?


in the three Grand Prix of the American music industry, (Grammy Award (Grammy Award), American Music Awards (AMA) and billboard Award (Billboard Music Award)), the most authoritative serious is Grammy — it equivalent to the status of the film industry Oscar, is the value of the works in the music industry and entertainment industry. Professional and influence, but is not only the sales.

but in recent years the Grammys have changed. In its guest list and the list of winners, more and more appear to be trying to cater to the young pop icon – for example, often on the front page topic queen Taylor Swift.

last year Grammy best album of the year "1989 flowers", let Taylor become the first two Grammy more than and 50 years to get the best album of the year award singer, is also the youngest winner. Nearly 30 years only the legendary British rock band U2 had the same honor (they won two of 18 years apart, but Taylor only 6 years apart), so in the network set off a "slobber war Grammy should give the award to Taylor".


left: in 2010 with the country music album "Fearless" to get the album of the year;

right: in 2016 with the transition pop album "1989" won the same award

if you think the Grammys are so Taylor, the fifty-ninth Grammy Awards on Sunday will probably make you even more surprised. It is also the protagonist Taylor Swift, dubbed Taylor Grammy "copy is the last album of the year" award of the.

the voice of young female speech at the time to win a lot of affection for Taylor Swift: "I think of all the young women said, this world there is always someone to stop you, or it was originally belong to your achievements. But as long as you stay focused and don’t get distracted, one day you’ll get to where you want to go. Then you will find that it is you, and those who love you to help you go to today. That would be the best feeling in the world."

although some professional musicians suspected Grammy in order to cater to fans of Taylor and unprofessional, but whether the young Taylor Swift is worthy of the honor, to be sure, Taylor Swift in Grammy on the feminist remarks, let Grammy pocketed the topic, and won many young fans agree.

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