remember when, just contact network or 1997, advocates are free, free software, free pictures, free articles, as if the network is free of charge from the form, but as long as the charge of things, by netizens unanimously rejected. And after nearly ten years of development and evolution, and now the Internet market, now the Internet users, or such a concept?

      2007 is the network of ice, a lot of the collapse of the SP alliance, increase government supervision, traffic more and more cheap, website income is less and less, part of the webmaster to the field of electronic commerce, a part of the webmaster chose SEO as the research object, one time in person webmaster, the rise of the unprecedented upsurge of free software, free station, station free movies, free of all is the webmaster to pursue, because the owners know that a long time ago, the investigation report shows that Internet users need to free network! Cater to the needs of users, is to get fast flow winning book.

      but most webmaster confused: your web site collected more, e-commerce website plane and improve the function of the more comprehensive SEO optimization again good, the monthly income is so little.

      to the webmaster more confused about another problem: QQ launch of QQ show, QQ space, only a few pictures, but those boys cited 80 girls in droves, super boy on stage, had several voice, but shouted everyone crazy vote, network do not just do the webmaster picture is beautiful, can be a hundred skirt, begin to sell.

      is it really the era of free fall, and the era of collective charges? Is the trend of e-commerce can really affect the basic behavior of Internet users?

a. E-commerce needs to feature

      a lot of personal webmaster always opinionated think: I just want to learn SEO, I will SEO, as long as I do the mall, I began e-commerce.

      take the QQ show, not only every week will launch a new shape, but also as a selling point to festivals and special events, and take QQ as a propaganda carrier, such a campaign and efforts to make some achievements, but merely a mall program, find some pictures on the Internet inside, want to profit by electronic commerce, the money and what is the difference?

two. Free services need more features

      if the simple collector is opened, the thief program starts, and then sets a free template and process >