as everyone knows, soft writing is one of the important means of network marketing, whether it is for SEO optimization, or product packaging and marketing, soft writing is essential for optimizing marketing and promotion, the author himself is very fond of marketing today, with their own understanding of the marketing of soft paper under the network marketing writing for the marketing value, good gossip short continued we enter today’s topic.

first, soft Wen marketing can play a subtle role in the promotion. We saw the most general marketing strategy is advertising and marketing, the rigid advertising can improve our products and business exposure and visibility to a certain extent, but I think that marketing has a lot of advantages is hard do not have, from the corporate image and brand building point of view, marketing can be subtle will our product or service in a pleasant way to accept people can indirectly transmitted to the user in mind, this is a very understanding each other communication, marketing will often allow users to further our understanding of service, as well as some details of our services, the marketing is shared for the good intentions the reader, the marketing effect undoubtedly this subtle effect that its have than hard wide to more direct, more real.

second, soft marketing for web site optimization can improve the quality and breadth of the site chain. From the point of view of the site optimization, the author believes that soft marketing is an effective way to increase the site chain. A valuable soft Wen is often a combination of value and publicity, planning in marketing before should first think of how the value reflected in the text, whether it is SEO or the experience of sharing or value factors is essential, because the value is the aggregation and link users and the writer’s thoughts that is the most effective weight to be convincing. For example, SEO marketing soft Wen, first of all, the main purpose of writing and writing purposes. Secondly, in the case of a real case of a specific case will be elaborated, so that the reader from the actual case of the title of the article and the theme of the content you want to describe the real value of the reader. Finally, do the analysis and summary of the distance between the heart and the reader. The author thinks that the marketing purpose is to conduct propaganda and promotion but how readers, and the reader will spontaneously spread out their own articles, which requires the author how to better reflect the value of factors in each segment of their own words and every text in our own web site outside the chain of high value.

third, soft Wen marketing can bring more traffic to the site. Another purpose of the marketing that either propaganda website or brand promotion, is bring more traffic and attention in order to get more recognition and target customers for their own website, often marketing is a very important part of the network popularization, the network promotion is undoubtedly the site or brand recommend out, so in the article whether you are introducing products or in the promotion of the site, as long as you described.