people in the online shopping, it is not difficult to see some of the occasional China Mobile’s website launched 139 lobbyists service ". Nevertheless, always adhere to the mobile phone used to call only 80 offbeat nature does not have enough interest to pay attention to 139 lobbyists, but the day before yesterday two China Mobile SMS has made a more than the bell and waves to a close contact, the reason lies in the encounter notice "login".

at 15:30 on the afternoon of 28 or so, my mobile phone text messages suddenly received a number of labeled number "106581780943003" SMS reminder, details are as follows:

the first "139 web site reminder: you log on to the 08-28-15:26 site, access to the same wonderful


second "Dear customer, your password is too simple, in order to account security, please change your password."

see two messages have received quite a bit, "all at sea puzzled feeling, one is a mobile phone for hours before I have been quietly lying on the desk, none of it, not possible to access the site; two is my useless mobile phone to access the site’s habits, no more apply for any mobile phone Internet service. But thought: if someone stole my mobile phone number to the registered, opened what services, then buckle what money or when the suckers, decided to try to use my mobile phone number to register a to see whether they can continue to use.

then I really log, was found to be 139 community 139 lobbyists, must through the existing mobile phone input number and free access to a set of verification code, the code can only be sent to the machine after activation can be successful, I will be filled after the mobile phone number, mobile phone to receive a reminder by the "106581780943003" message, "welcome to provide content for China Mobile 139 mobile Internet services, the SMS verification code is * * *, please complete and avoid disclosure as soon as possible, forwarding SMS verification code in detail 10086."

read the content of the message, the heart relieved, the number was still effective, no other unknown figures theft is a temporary security account, after all we use in mobile information are the real name registration, in case other ill intentioned people by the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. At the moment of the beginning of the two text messages to remind a surprise visit to reason: the original 139 users use only see light suddenly China account is others worry about the theft alert psychology, inform the user "login", eventually become in disorderly fashion 139 lobbyists, completely is a "login" means of marketing.

room of the housing Wang Feng once talked about three major advantages of 139 lobbyists, one of which is "mobile marketing advantage", think 139 lobbyists in.