has been trying to promote, publicize the site platform method, but the effect is not ideal. Including the purchase of the window flow, including advertising. Pop traffic statistics, is full of meaningless visitors, no viscosity, no access, such as downloading magazines, such as comment, for example, continue to browse other pages. Advertising, the effect is not effective, because advertising costs have been wasted half. There will be a small amount of visitors come over, but is still not high quality.

days ago, discussions with numerous webmaster, finally thought of a good way to promote.

we are a professional electronic magazine platform, every month on a regular basis to design the production and publication of the "Nuggets", "digital field" two magazines. "Nuggets" magazine is about how to develop IT grassroots webmaster, how to start entrepreneurial type magazine. Digital magazine is a fashion magazine about digital products, IT information. According to incomplete statistics, each issue is more than 500 thousand. Because the major electronic magazine platform in the country are issued promotion.

      what is the displacement promotion? Let me yiyidaolai!

"Nuggets" magazine welcomed the major webmaster, webmasters, IT practitioners contribute. Any original manuscript, we will do a good job recommendation, at the end of the article, list the author, the source of the article, the author belongs to the site.

      "Nuggets" interview with the webmaster report, tracking the development process of the webmaster. In addition to the length of space to promote the webmaster, in addition to the establishment of classified advertising promotion for the webmaster, do a good job to become a dynamic picture link 88*31.

      the key is that, in addition to EXE download version of the magazine in addition to the SWF version of the online reading. Just need a web site, anytime, anywhere to share the wonderful magazine, but also for the webmaster, advertisers, for business promotion.

      now we invite you to participate in the replacement promotion activities, you do not need to pay any investment, you can bring a stable promotion.

      now we sincerely invite you to accept our interview, let readers know more about the bitterness of our webmaster, also let us establish the development opportunities.

      for example, each forum, each site has its own stable visitors users, popular circles, how to expand the user base, the popularity of the circle? Come on, participate in the replacement promotion. You will send your advertising pictures and text to us, other things will be handed over to us to do, you just need to be in our forum or website to your users to download.