the WeChat marketing hot direct reflect other social products of the lonely, no matter is unfamiliar street, micro-blog or easecredit, contacts, these products do not seem to really get out of the shadow of WeChat. Their development path is also quite rugged. Which will have to mention the value of micro-blog.

for micro-blog, many owners have the right to speak. As the first BAT was listed as the fourth technology giants Sina, micro-blog power has been a lot of people are respected, but with the micro-blog commercial process is blocked and its factors such as lack of supervision, the number of active users and the information environment has been greatly damaged, that now has not become a social product in the carry handle. To know that the use of micro-blog guest Daniel but every month can make 6 figures of the Commission, the user influence.

, of course, it’s not going to happen again. With the purification of sina micro-blog marketing environment, commercial breath is somewhat convergent, at least not affect the user’s reading environment. But all of this in the eyes of the marketing staff was too late. Why? Because in their view, micro-blog no longer has high viscosity, information before opening rate is not so high, and the waste of manpower and financial resources to continue in micro-blog, rather than to the meat and potatoes of WeChat. But remember, WeChat launched the number plate reading, those hundreds of hundreds of thousands of fans large, the reading number but also the thousands, there are many reasons, one of the more important one is WeChat is actually not cultivate mature user reading habits, plus a large built-in information reminder, resulting in a lot of articles open rates are not imagined so beautiful. This is to a certain extent, we must be warned, in fact, WeChat marketing is also water.

so back to the original place, since WeChat marketing is not perfect, then the value of micro-blog marketing should we abandon. The answer is obviously not, on the author’s personal combat experience, the effect is still stronger than micro-blog WeChat. There are four reasons.

first, micro-blog has developed the reading habits of users, exchange of information communication effect is very obvious, a tipping point message can be spread rapidly in the network between micro-blog users in the building, like some time ago, his sad picture of the site using a basketball star picture to do push, and instantly get hundreds of forwarding, in this circle of friends there is no way to achieve.

second, for the marketing staff, website owners, micro-blog marketing cost is still the lowest. Although WeChat and micro-blog on some of the properties figured, but micro-blog’s low threshold operation and the user depth is more ideal, video, text, pictures or audio can become a carrier of micro-blog information source, which means more than the WeChat marketing, but also easier to statistics.

third, with the development of micro-blog for many years, but makes micro-blog as a regular army hat definition has not changed, is still active in formal occasions. Micro-blog is usually used to be