The Minister said 4,000 million Rupees is being utilized for the rehabilitation and resettlement of all the innocent people including resettled people of the North and the East, refugees repatriated from India, and the war-affected Sinhala border villagers. The Government today insisted that several measures have been taken to assist war affected families, especially those in the North and East.Minister of Prison Reform, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs D. M. Swaminathan said the Government of good governance has paid special attention towards the people of the North and the East, who have been victimized by the 30 year long war. “Under the funding of my Ministry, 10,030 permanent houses are being newly built in 11 Districts including 08 war affected districts of the North and the East and the border districts of Puttalam, Anuradapura and Pollannaruwa. While the Housing Project is underway, 647 million Rupees has been allocated to facilitate drinking water to 11 war affected Districts. Steps have been taken to solve the drinking water problem of affected people by constructing public wells, renovating the existing public wells and providing water lines to houses,” the Minister said in a statement.Responding to concerns raised over the arrest of some Tamils, the Minister said that the arrest of a person is related to the country’s law and order. He said in a statement that the Ministry of Prison Reforms and Development, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Affairs, has allocated 14,000 million Rupees to resettle and rehabilitate war displaced families. He said that to maintain law and order not only Tamils but persons from other communities are also arrested.“If anyone is arrested unlawfully, instead of condemning vehemently, please bring it to my notice. I will take up the issue with the President and Prime minister, discussing with them I will obtain an appropriate solution,” he said.He also said that the war has severely affected many families, and left many families without livelihoods and in order to improve the livelihoods of these families, measures have been taken to provide Rupees 100,000/= as livelihood assistance to each family. (Colombo Gazette) read more